NIT Srinagar declares winter vacation 10 days early amid protests over a student’s blasphemous post

NIT Srinagar declares winter vacation 10 days early amid protests over a student's blasphemous post

The National Institute of Technology in Srinagar announced early winter vacations due to ongoing protests against a non-local student’s alleged blasphemous social media post. The students were instructed to leave the hostels immediately.

The Jammu & Kashmir Police has taken action against the student, accusing them of “insulting Islam” and “offending religious sentiments”. The details obtained by News18 reveal that the case was filed following a complaint by the campus registrar. Subsequently, hundreds of students initiated a march within the NIT Srinagar campus, which led to the registration of the FIR. Additionally, the protests extended to other educational institutions such as Amar Singh College and The Islamia College of Science and Commerce, resulting in their closure on Thursday.

“We have winter vacations every year, and this year is no exception. Originally scheduled to begin on December 9, the vacations have been rescheduled to an earlier date,” stated AteekurRehman, Registrar of NIT Srinagar. When asked about the ongoing examinations, Rehman reassured that students would complete the remaining papers once they returned from their winter break. “We will take all necessary measures to ensure that students do not suffer any academic setback,” he added.

On November 28, an FIR was filed against a student studying in the 7th semester of the Chemical Engineering Department. As a consequence, the student has been sent home on leave. The registrar’s complaint states that the student’s actions have deeply offended the religious sentiments of a specific community, posing a significant threat to communal harmony. It is feared that if not addressed promptly, this situation could lead to a law and order crisis both on and off the campus. In response, the student, originally from Maharashtra, has been prohibited from taking exams and his hostel accommodation has been revoked.

In a press conference, the DGP of the Jammu and Kashmir Police made it clear that it is not acceptable to disrespect Prophet Muhammad. He said that religious sentiments should be protected and that the police are aware of their responsibility. Maintaining communal harmony is important to the people of Kashmir. The DGP also mentioned that some individuals try to exploit such situations.

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