Korean Government (GKS) Scholarship 2024 for Undergraduate | Fully Funded

The Korean Government GKS Scholarship 2024 application period is now open, offering an incredible opportunity for international students to study in Korea. This prestigious scholarship program is designed to support outstanding individuals seeking to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in South Korea.

Global Korea GKS Scholarship 2024

The GKS Scholarship is highly regarded for its comprehensive coverage, providing recipients with full tuition fees, monthly allowances, airfare, and even Korean language training. With a wide range of disciplines available, including engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities, prospective students have a multitude of options to choose from.

Not only does the GKS Scholarship offer financial support, but it also provides a chance to experience Korea’s rich culture, vibrant traditions, and cutting-edge technological advancements. This immersive experience helps foster global citizens who can contribute positively to their own countries and the world at large.

If you’re a motivated and talented international student, it’s time to seize this incredible opportunity and apply for the Korean Government GKS Scholarship. Take the first step towards an exceptional education in one of Asia’s most dynamic countries.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity – Apply now!

Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) 2024 — Overview

The GKS Scholarship, also known as the Global Korea Scholarship, is a government-funded program that aims to attract talented international students to study in South Korea. This scholarship is managed by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) under the Ministry of Education. With its generous benefits and comprehensive coverage, the GKS Scholarship has gained recognition worldwide.

ScholarshipGlobal Korea Scholarship (GKS)
CountrySouth Korea
OrganizerNational Institute of International Education (NIIED) Korea
Degree ProgramUndergraduate
No. of Scholarship262
Scholarship TypeFully Funded
Scholarship PeriodAssociate Degree Program: 3~4 years
○ 1 year of Korean language program
○ 2~3 years of degree program

Bachelor’s Degree Program: 5~7 years
○ 1 year of Korean language program
○ 4~6 years of degree program
EligiblityVaries (See List Below)
DeadlinesDifferent For Each Country and University

GKS Scholarship Benefits and Coverage

The GKS Scholarship 2024 is recognized as one of the most prestigious scholarships worldwide. It offers much more than just airfare and tuition fee coverage. With a generous stipend and comprehensive medical insurance, here are the key benefits you can expect:

  • Complete Tuition Fee coverage
  • Living Allowance support
  • Airfare Tickets for travel to and from South Korea
  • Resettlement Allowance to help with initial settling-in costs
  • Medical Insurance coverage for peace of mind
  • Research Support to facilitate academic pursuits
  • Printing Costs (Dissertation) assistance for final projects
  • Completion Grant to acknowledge and support the successful completion of the program
  • Language Courses to enhance language proficiency
  • Award for Excellent Korean Language Proficiency

GKS Scholarship Tracks

There are two application tracks available for the Global Korea Scholarship 2024-2025. Please see the details below.

  • Embassy Track: 86 students (General: 79 scholars, Overseas Koreans: 7 scholars)
  • University Track: 176 students (Regional University: 86 scholars, Associate Degree: 30 scholars, UIC Program: 60 scholars)
GKS Scholarship Track

GKS Scholarship Participating Universities & Application Track

Embassy Track

GKS Scholarship Embassy Track

University Track

GKS Scholarship University Track

GKS Scholarship 2024 Eligibility

To ensure that deserving candidates can embark on this exciting educational journey, the eligibility criteria for the GKS Scholarship 2024 play a crucial role. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Nationality:
    • Applicants must be citizens of one of the NIIED-designated countries invited to participate in the GKS program.
    • It is important that applicants and their parents (or legal guardians) do not hold Korean citizenship. Those who hold dual citizenship (both Korean and another country) are not eligible.
    • Applicants and their parents who previously held Korean citizenship must provide documentation from the Korean government certifying their renunciation of Korean citizenship.
    • Any changes in citizenship during the selection process will lead to exclusion from the evaluation, except for UIC applicants.
  2. Level of Education:
    • The Bachelor’s degree program is available to high school graduates and those who have completed an associate degree program.
    • The Associate degree program is designed for high school graduates.
    • Applicants with a bachelor’s degree are not eligible to apply. Only those with an associate degree can apply for the bachelor’s program.
    • Applicants who are expecting to graduate must initially submit a certificate of expected graduation during the application process. If they pass the first round of selection, they must provide a graduation certificate or degree certificate by December 31, 2023.
    • Japanese nationals who are projected to graduate by March 31, 2024, are eligible to apply. They must include a certificate of expected graduation with their application. If accepted, they must submit their final transcript and graduation certificate by March 31, 2024, to maintain their acceptance.
    • Provisional graduation certificates indicate the expected graduation status.
  3. Grades:
    • To meet the requirements for the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from your previous degree program, you must fulfill one of the following criteria:
      • Score percentile of 80% or above on a 100-point scale or rank within the top 20% of your class.
      • CGPA equal to or higher than 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, or 3.23/5.0.
    • If your transcript does not provide CGPA information or if you are unable to convert your grades to the accepted GPA scales (4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 5.0, or 100-point scale), please submit additional documents from your school/university that explain the grading system.
    • Applicants who are expected to graduate should calculate their most recent CGPA at the time of application.
  4. Age:
    • Applicants must be under 25 years of age, born after March 1, 1999.
  5. Health:
    • Applicants must be in excellent physical and mental health to successfully complete the program’s entire duration in Korea.
  6. Additional Criteria:
    • All applicants should have no grounds for disqualification, such as a criminal history that affects overseas travel.

Required Documents for the Korean Government Scholarship

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Study Plan
  • One letter of Recommendation
  • GKS Applicant Agreement
  • Personal Medical Assessment
  • Proof of citizenship (applicant and parents) and proof of family relationship
  • High School Graduation Certificate (or certificate of expected graduation)
  • Academic transcript of high school curriculum
  • Graduation certificate (or certificate of expected graduation) of an associate degree program
  • Academic transcript of associate degree
  • Proof of Overseas Korean Document
  • Proof of Korean Citizenship Renunciation Document
  • Proof of Korean War Veteran’s Descendant
  • Score report of valid TOPIK (original) or English Proficiency Test (optional)
  • Copy of awards and other certificates, etc. (optional)
  • Applicant’s Passport (copy)

Application period

Each embassy and university has its own application deadline, so applicants
must check with the respective institute before submitting an application.

Method of submission

Each embassy and university that conducts the first round of selection may
have their own document submission guidelines, so applicants must check with the respective institute before submitting an application.

GKS Scholarship Selection Process

Please follow these steps for the selection procedure for both Embassy and University Track applications:

  • Submit the required documents to the respective embassy or university.
  • For Embassy Track applicants, you can choose up to THREE different universities.
  • For University Track applicants, please fill in ONE university in your application.
  • Applicants with TOPIK level 3 or above will receive extra points (10% of the total allocated points).
  • Direct descendants of Korean War veterans who served in foreign military will be given additional points (5% of the total allocated points).
GKS Scholarship Selection Process

GKS Scholarship Selection Schedule

GKS Scholarship Selection Schedule

GKS Scholarship 2024 for India

Indian students who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply for this scholarship program through the ‘Embassy Track.’ To apply, please submit your applications directly to the Korean Embassy in New Delhi.

The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. Kindly send your applications to the address provided below:

Mr. Jeon Chanho
Second Secretary
Political Affairs Department
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
9, Chandragupta Marg,
Chanakyapuri Extension,
New Delhi-110021
Phone: 011-4200-7000

How to Apply for Korean Government Scholarships?

To apply for the GKS Korean Government scholarship, you have two options: the Embassy track or the University track.

It’s important to note that the application process for the scholarship varies depending on your country of origin.

Therefore, I highly recommend visiting the official website and carefully reviewing the instructions to ensure you submit your application correctly for the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024.

Korean Government Scholarship 2024 Important Links

GKS Scholarship Official Website

GKS Scholarship 2024 Application Guidelines


GKS 2024 FAQ

GKS Scholarship FAQ

What is the age limit for the GKS scholarship 2024?

The age limit for the GKS scholarship 2024 varies depending on the specific program and level of study. It is recommended to refer to the official guidelines and eligibility criteria provided by the GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) program for accurate and up-to-date information on the age requirements for the desired scholarship.

Where can I apply for the GKS scholarship 2024?

To apply for the GKS scholarship for the year 2024, you can visit the official website of the GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) program.

What percentage is required for GKS scholarship 2024?

The required percentage for GKS scholarship 2024 has not been specified. It is recommended to refer to the official GKS scholarship website or contact the scholarship provider directly for detailed information on the eligibility criteria and required percentage for the 2024 scholarship.

What are the 3 rounds of GKS scholarship?

The GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) has three rounds of selection for aspiring scholars. The first round is the document evaluation, where applicants are assessed based on their academic records, study plans, and letters of recommendation. The second round is the interview round, where shortlisted candidates are interviewed to evaluate their motivation, language proficiency, and overall suitability for the scholarship. The final round is the comprehensive evaluation, which takes into account the applicants’ interview performance, academic achievements, study plan, and other factors to determine the final recipients of the GKS scholarship.

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